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442 Dorinda St
London, ON, N5W 4B4


Chris Moss

facilitator, coach, community & leadership developer

Moss Leadership Consulting

With a clear understanding about social problems that face local communities I focus on important transformational change. I support nonprofit organizations and enjoy breaking the status quo that often keeps them stagnant and inefficient, businesses looking for their social purpose and communities looking to create strong social economies.

I have worked with leaders of all levels to challenge them to rethink the way they live, work and play. With an ability to execute on many levels and in a multitude of scenarios, clients are provided with the benefits of a fast, nimble and effective solution to their problems. 

My unique philosophy and fresh approach is undeniable and will help you create innovative solutions for your life and work. Integrity and humility are the foundational elements I live by.



Slightly exceeding their expectations just won't do it. You've got to go above and beyond the call of duty if you want your customers to talk about you. A HUGE thank you goes out to the people we have had the pleasure to work with!

I had the privilege of working with Chris while we developed Impact Junk Solutions. One of the challenges we faced was, understanding how a for-profit business could align and be launched by a non-profit agency. Chris was able to assist us in navigating these complexities. Her astounding knowledge of the Social Enterprise world is second to none. I strongly suggest that if you are planning on developing a Social Enterprise, or you feel as a Social Entrepeneur you could benefit from some guidance, you need to call Chris. - Kevin Dickens, Founder, Impact Junk Solutions


"Chris Moss has been fantastic to work with. She has incredible positive energy and enthusiasm. She has helped us to translate ideas and concepts into decisive action in adopting and implementing a social enterprise. She has a depth of knowledge and a wide range of experience helping nonprofits which makes her a huge asset. We absolutely recommend Chris for nonprofits considering social enterprise. - Julia Eastabrook, Development and Communications Officer, Thames Talbot Land Trust 

"Chris is a dynamic and gifted facilitator and community builder. Chris stretches you and your organization to dig deep on strategic concepts; to make decisions with intentionality and to dream big! Chris has a repertoire of tools that are helpful; experience that adds value and connections that take you "out of your box." I highly recommend Chris as a facilitator on organizational development initiatives like team building, strategic planning, social enterprise development, business modelling/planning, etc. And, she has a big heart - making a difference for people is a part of who she is and she is good at helping others to do the same - Kathryn Eggert, Executive Director, Daya Counselling Centre

Chris is a natural born leader with a tenacity for spotting talent, growing opportunities and making the seemingly impossible, possible. Her legacy in the community has been one of motivator and advisor extraordinaire. She has led several entrepreneurs to great success through deep connections, networking and a general desire to see social impact in action. I would not hesitate to work with Chris in any capacity. Any organization would be fortunate to have the skills, personality and the dedication that Chris brings. - Lore Wainright, Social Enterprise Program Manager, Pillar Nonprofit Network

I’ve worked with Chris on a professional level and have since developed a lasting friendship. Chris Moss is an inspirational leader, a facilitator and coach who can ask the challenging questions, and a community connector who truly takes the time to get to know people. From the moment I met Chris I was instantly drawn to her sparkling personality. Her welcoming approach, sensitivity to people and situations, and a vast personal and professional experience to draw from are a solid combination for success when Chris is in your corner. - Nicole St. John, Events Coordinator, Pillar Nonprofit Network

"If you are looking for someone to generate excitement about a new initiative,team building or facilitation Chris Moss is the person you want to connect with. If you are looking at a start-up knowledge and expertise for social enterprise - again look no further than Chris. CMHA Middlesex has engaged Chris for numerous activities related to team building and facilitation. In addition Chris was on the ground with us when we first formulated the idea of a social enterprise to generate new revenues and provide employment for persons with mental illness. Her expertise helped us create Impact Junk Removal Solutions. In one year Impact Junk generated a profit and now employs 17 people with mental illness. Chris is a strategic thinker, entrepreneurial, highly motivating and FUN. - Don Seymour, CEO, CMHA Middlesex

“Chris Moss assisted us in a time of difficult questions and large change in our organization. We needed to have a long and serious conversation about who we were and what we really wanted to accomplish. Chris created the ground on which this could happen with thoughtfulness and tact. She asked hard questions and created a process through which we could understand the landscape in which we worked through a new lens. Chris is one of those individuals you need to facilitate difficult conversations and game changing strategies. On behalf of Emerging Leaders we cannot recommend Chris and her work highly enough. She is an exceptional facilitator and strategic thinker that every organization needs at times of change and renewal. “ - Sean Quigley, Executive Director, Emerging Leader London


"In my capacity with the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, I recently had an opportunity to partner with Chris on a consulting/facilitation project in the social enterprise space. Chris was engaged to facilitate a series of stakeholder consultations across the province, and develop an actionable report with recommendations. She approached this task with real passion, authenticity and enthusiasm, and demonstrated her knowledge of the social enterprise space in Ontario/Canada. - Ryan Lock, Director, Social Enterprise at Ontario Ministry of Economic Development & Innovation (MEDTI)

"Chris Moss will take you through a strategic planning process with ease. She is relational, detail oriented and will coach you individually or in a group to move toward achieving your goals and objectives. - Shelley Yeo, Director of Transitinoal And Community Programs, Womens Community House

"Chris was wonderful. She steered us skillfully to our strategic outcomes in a few hours. She also continues to be supportive and committed to our process. She was efficient and thorough and I am sure we will call on her for help again. - Kate Wiggans, Executive Director, Women's Community House

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"Chris identified the uniqueness and value of the scope and our collective ability to impact socio-economic barriers, open doors, empower families, neighbourhoods, communities and corporations in a diverse and purposeful way with no risk and immeasurable ROI. - Colleen Lindemann, Founder, Coupons for Hunger


"Working with corporate coach and consultant Chris Moss has been one of the most transformative things I've experienced in my 26 years in the public housing sector.  We talk about taking an organization to the next level, but what does that really mean? For a company achieving decent results, the next level is relationships. Transforming an established corporation from task-focus to relationship-focus is truly one of the most impactful shifts I've ever seen.  What's really impressed me about the work Chris has done with us is that we are honing in on our staff's strengths from a very positive place, helping people foster positive relationships, and promoting a healthy work environment from a staff and customer perspective.  We can learn, intellectualize and unfortunately all too often put the learning on the back burner (flavor of the month) and then wonder why things never change.  Chris has the ability to touch your soul and start the change there, the work doesn’t change what we are, it changes who we are and that’s why it works. - Steve Matthews, Executive Director, London Middlesex Housing Corporation

"Chris worked with Anago to help rethink our Mission, Vision, and Values. It was a wonderful process that engaged stakeholders at all levels. In a very short time period, with Chris' expertise and amazing facilitating skills, we now have a draft for the Board of Directors to review! I would hire Chris again in a flash and would highly recommend her to others. - Mandy Bennett, Executive Director, Anago (Non)Residential Resources Inc.

"Chris advanced our organization in hours what we couldn't do in 1.5 years on our own. - Nick Soave, Volunteer, London Youth Advisory Council


"Chris is a vital element to our business growth. She not only challenges and  inspires us to look at business with fresh perspective, but she is exceptional at keeping a couple of dreamer entrepreneurs focused and working towards our goals. With Chris we have clearly established the vision of our business and have been able to trim away obstacles that do not align with who we are and where we are going.  She is a clear communicator.  She understands personalities.  She can cut to the core of an issue.  She is fabulous. In both team building and personal sessions Chris is relevant and a very strong leader. I strongly recommend Chris Moss to shake up your business. - Rebecca Khouri, Principal Designer, Pure White Design

Chris is very committed to the people she has the opportunity to coach. She has a lovely balance of compassion and results. - Tracy Quinton, Owner, Quinton International