Culture Building

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" - Peter Drucker

Our team focuses on creating cultures for a new era. There are currently so many things that need to change inside our workplaces.  We want to improve relationships, elevate customer satisfaction, reduce employee performance concerns, and increase your revenues. If you focus on your internal culture, your overall business (program) will improve, no question!


Design Strategy

We use design thinking and an emergent facilitation method to guide our clients to their intended outcome. The process includes: data collection, exploration, reflection, prototyping, implementation, and evaluation. With this process we can create a deep understanding of the problem you're trying to solve and implement the new solution(s) that emerges.


Solutions Lab

A Solutions Lab helps to solve complex social and economic challenges.

The lab brings together people from diverse backgrounds to help solve these problems collaboratively. We help governments to modernize their policies, institutions to find new insights and equip people and organizations with tools and techniques to create change.


Business Management

The aspects of business management we thrive in are: employee relations & performance, teambuilding & conflict resolution, financial modelling, creating systems, strategic planning, and coaching & leadership. 

One of the most important areas we focus on is sustainability, in all its forms. It is an imperative for any ethical organization in the 21st century.


Strategic Planning

In partnership with Moutonco Ltd., Chris and Jean-Paul have specific expertise in Nonprofit Strategy, take a peek at what we offer.