There are so many people who do amazing things and their stories are never told. This initiative hopes to change that. Leaders of London is a weekly story told about a great leader in our community. With this we hope to promote awareness of wonderful people and motivate you to take part and be a great leader as well.

This video inspired a question: "Who are the unsung heros who live among us? What are their stories" Which turned into the idea of telling stories and learning lessons from these leaders that are never saluted, applauded or recognized in any way. We hope to do that.

There are leaders among us! I'm not talking about those in leadership roles who we hear about daily. We love them too; however, we're hoping to illuminate stories of people you'd not normally hear about. This will help us build and learn from principles and best practices through real (unseen and unsung) people demonstrating positive change through positive leadership examples.

Do you know someone who has not been recognized for what they do? If so, please tell us more so we can follow up with them:

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Tell us your name: