What I learned today...training...

Today's lesson reminded me that leadership training is essential and never over. 

I work with so many companies who hire from within, which is a great practice. Excellent front line staff who learn your business and show promise, potential and initiative should be promoted and grown into new roles. What I see, over and over, is that these promotions are not aligned with coaching and training opportunities. We grow front line leaders into positions and then do not fully equip them often citing cost as a limiting factor. I can now tell you with certainty that by not investing in training, you're leaving yourself and your company open to mistakes that could cost you even more.

I was very lucky. I worked with an organization who believed in ongoing learning and development. I started out as a front line health care aide in a nursing home, then went to community care where I quickly floated into a team leadership position. At 25 I was a new mom of two babies (2 yo and a newborn) and I had no idea how to lead people. My employer saw something in me and believed in me but also lined me up with a coach and did a lot of training with me to get me 'up to speed' on basic leadership skills.

Working with my coach changed my life. I would not be here, in my own leadership business, without that experience. Today I work with teams through a series of one-on-one coaching and workshops to build their confidence, walk with them through challenges and help them feel less alone in this new, big role they've taken on. 

The ability to give and receive feedback, coach your staff, give appropriate recognition and holding people accountable are most often topics that challenge new leaders. There are simple tools and lessons that can build their abilities and confidence in this and other areas.

Another area that is forgotten is that older leaders need refuelling and reminding. We get tired in leadership roles and we build habits that are not always the best way to do business. Also, leadership tools and techniques change and improve and new lessons are important. Finally, new generations of staff, specifically in the millennials age group, need different types of leadership. Seasoned leaders need to realize that leadership grows and evolves and be open to change or teams can get stagnant and become toxic.

Today, treat your staff with a coaching session or consider how leadership training can help your team. It's an investment that is completely worth it!