An Authentic Profile

I was recently blessed by the amazing Alyssa Agnew.

Alyssa is a student at Western University who decided to write about me for her Public Relations course. This is the project she handed in that got her a mark of 95%. Thank you to Alyssa for considering me to write about :)


Authentic is defined as not false or copied; genuine, or real. This is exactly how you would define Chris Moss.

The word authenticity is something Moss lives by and even recently tattooed on her ankle to always remember it. “As I was having it done, I reflected on how painful my journey has been. The challenges, the struggles and the many, many hours of self-improvement I’ve put into this journey…the pain of the tattoo was nothing!” says Moss.

Chris Moss is a one-of-a-kind human being with a lively personality and a realistic but positive outlook on life. With the struggles of life not getting in her way she has managed to pursue her dream of being a leadership consultant by helping others grow and become leaders within their organizations.

Moss was born and raised in London, Ont., and attended Sir Fredrick Banting Secondary School later attending McMaster University, where she received her bachelor of arts in social science. She continued her long journey of education at Fanshawe College for a health-care aide certificate, then Westervelt for a web design certificate and finished off by receiving her master of arts in leadership at Trinity Western University.

With her previous work as social enterprise program manager at Pillar Nonprofit Network, Moss was able to gain the experience she needed to pursue her dream of opening a business in leadership consulting. “I see so many ambitious MBA students coming out of Ivey and they dream of their first career as a consultant. But…the best thing I ever did was live the life of a leader in the trenches and teach/consult now from a place of understanding and shared experience,” say Moss. “I have managed in a union, I have been yelled at and had things thrown at me…without those experiences I could not ever begin to assume I can consult on anything of value.” 

Moss has been a leader within the non-profit sector for approximately 16 years and loves every minute of it. She believes being a leader is a perfect fit for her as leaders are life-long learners because they are always evolving. No matter what organization she works with she believes there are four core leadership qualities that must exist – authenticity, transparency, vulnerability and persistence. They must also believe in the mission of the organization and their staff because without this, “they will not succeed.” 

Moss has two teenage daughters who are 18 and 16 along with two cats and a dog, “It’s a crazy house,” she says. 

As part of her job, she regularly speaks at conferences which is one of her favourite aspects. Her favourite topic to speak about? Authenticity of course! “I want more people to be brave enough to speak their mind, be real when it is hard, be transparent and open and share their own personal vulnerability with those they lead. Only then can we all be on the same playing field and really make a difference, together!”

Moss continues to evolve leaders within the non-profit sector, as she believes this is the biggest issue they face. Her plans for the future? “To inspire hope, change and vibrancy in amazing people so they can create change and impact in our community.”

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