Moss Leadership Consulting partners with nonprofits to reach and exceed their goals.

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.
— Althea Gibson

We are filled with passion towards growing healthy nonprofits. Why? Because they change the lives of people in our community who need them. Her team is committed to building strong nonprofits and re-engineering old structures to create lasting healthy change.

Leadership Training & Consulting:

With a focus on transforming internal culture and building strong leaders. We do this by looking at the organization as a whole. Each person within it is a leader and can be developed and challenged to achieve their goals. With everyone working together, speaking the same language, working towards the same vision....amazing things can happen.


Social Enterprise Development: 

With the growing development of social enterprise Chris is excited to lend her experience to those who are exploring this sector. Whether a for-profit, a nonprofit or just a cool new idea Chris will work to make your dreams a reality. That said, not everyone should build social enterprise, and not all social enterprise is a good idea....this is what you need a coach to help you figure out.

Community Development: 

We have a passion for training and developing leaders and a desire to partner with organizations for the betterment of their community. This partnership is a conduit to creating social change. Thinking in a new and fresh way while challenging others to see things differently has created innovative solutions to our traditional community issues.